Thomas Is One!

I am so amazed that Thomas is already one year old! He has grown so quickly and I can't believe he's not a baby anymore. He's still just as happy as can be...just as long as Momma is around!

Thomas' First Birthday

We celebrated Thomas' first birthday with a Star Wars theme. We enjoyed seeing everyone and I think everyone enjoyed seeing Thomas eat his cake. It was by far the highlight of my night!

Wookie Cookies!

The cake...It didn't turn out exactly as I had planned but it still tasted good!

I like cake, Momma.

I want more cake!

Please can I have more cake?

Inga playing with Thomas' presents. The sheep from that toy has not been seen since the night of the party.

The cousins playing together.

More Leaves

This time, Elsa was awake to enjoy the leaves with all of us. And we had an even bigger pile to play in. More leaves is always better!

Falling leaves!

I love Inga's face in this picture.

Thomas was trying to climb the slide. Always doing what he's not supposed to!

So much fun!

Playing in the Leaves

Who doesn't love a big pile of leaves? While Elsa napped one afternoon, Inga and Thomas enjoyed a little time playing together in the backyard. Thomas had a fantastic time!

Having a good time.

A happy girl.

Pure joy!

Amber's Fight

One of my best friends was recently diagnosed with breast cancer at age 29...just before turning 30 in August. Amber has been such an inspiration to all of us in how she has taken on this battle. She is an amazing fighter and is determined to defeat cancer! Knowing her, she will!!! A photographer did a photo documentary of Amber's fight and shared it with us all. Feel free to watch the video and be ready to be inspired. And you might want to grab a tissue or two!

Especially for You Race

Not long ago, my friend Amber found out she had breast cancer. In support of her battle, Thomas and I joined her in the Especially for You Race. She's one tough cookie so we know she will beat this and be even stronger in the end! We love you, Amber!

Abby, Abbey, Me, Amber, and Angie ready to walk!

Thomas all bundled up before the race. It was a cold morning!

Face Painting

The girls love to get their faces painted. And who wouldn't when it turns out like this?!

And why not throw in a fancy balloon poodle?

And a balloon butterfly bracelet!